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Don’t Underestimate The Mineral Intake
17 July 2018 Admin 3min read
Don’t underestimate the mineral intake that goes into your body, Cheers Friends. Minerals are not as simple as it sounds. Although the needs are very small, but must still be fulfilled. Nutritionist from the Faculty of Medicine,...
Restore Metabolism After Lebaran
22 June 2018 Admin 3min read
Metabolism is one of the most important processes in our body. To get a healthy metabolism lifestyle must be healthy. However, in a certain moment like Lebaran, we often loosen the healthy diet everyday. If you usually reduce the sweet and bersant...
5 Tips to Keep Skin Moist During Fasting
09 June 2018 Admin 3min read
Fasting means your body does not get fluid intake for about 12 hours. It can cause dry skin. Plus the temperature is increasing. Well, for your skin to stay awake moisture during fasting, you should note these things Cheers Friends. 1. Flu...

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