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5 Healthy Lifestyle To Boost Immunity
07 June 2018 Admin 3min read
Applying a healthy lifestyle is a must if you do not want to get sick easily. Well, here are 5 healthy lifestyle you should do to improve body immunity. 1. Be Active Healthy living with active moves can be done with sports. Exerci...
Traveling When You Fasting? No Need to Worry, Cheers Friends!
31 May 2018 Admin 3min read
Fasting does not become an impediment to you who will be traveling. Although having to endure hunger and thirst does not necessarily make your traveling so boring. You can still actively visit interesting places and do fun activities. For that, Ch...
Stay Healthy and Fresh During Fasting with Cheers Alkaline Powered
25 May 2018 Admin 3min read
Fasting does make our diet becomes changed. It certainly affects the body fittnes. So reasonable if you feel weak and not excited during fasting. However, these things can be overcome if you keep your intake at break fasting and dawn. Well, here a...

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