CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water is healthy drinking water with quality in mind. It came from natural mountain water source, and processed carefully with multifiltration sterilization, ozonization, UV treatment, to eliminate all water borne pathogens.

CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water is packed hygienically without any added chemicals, and enviromentally friendly. Drink at least 8 glasses of Cheers Healthy Drinking Water every day, enjoy the freshness and naturalness.


There are two variants of CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water products that can accompany your activities every day

Cheers Alkaline

Excellent product with more optimal health benefits.

Produced using the latest Japanese technology Alpha Ion Alkalizer to produce drinking water with a high pH (up to 8.5). Helps neutralize pH conditions in the body so that the body's immune system is more awake.

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Cheers Natural

Cheers mineral water products with better mineral benefits.

Produced from protected water sources by maintaining the benefits of natural minerals that are good for the body. Hygienically processed without chemical additives, guaranteeing that Cheers Natural Spring Water is good for you. Healthier, Fresher, Better.

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Production Process

Our production process is being done as hygienic and integrated as possible without the touch of human hand that may contaminate the water

Springs Source

CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water is sourced from protected natural spring that has been selected and researched by our experts for years, hence the quality and freshness are always preserved.


Quality Assurance

Everyday, our experts are responsible to conduct test to ensure that every drop of water that we produced is free from bacteria, fungus, and all aother dangerous materials.

We also measure the alkaline level, clarity, and mineral content everyday. This is part of CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water's commitment to provide guaranteed product quality for consumer health.


Marketing Network

Through our branches and agents spread all the nation and aboard, CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water distributed until it reaches the hand of customers. We take pride for the recognition and acceptance of our products both domesically and internationally.

Distibution fleet

Distibution fleet is a crucial part for our chain of distribution. Our hundreds of shipping trucks are in charge of distributing CHEERS Healthy Drinking Water products everyday from the factory to the customer. We also utilize mini-trucks for its practically and ease of access to narrow paths.

Award & Recognition

Some of the award and recognitions we achieved are:

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