Healthy Living is Easy and Cheap

Healthy living, a healthy body, fit and fresh of course be everyone’s dream. To get it, certainly can not in an instant way. Lifestyle changes become healthier is absolutely done. However, do not be burdened that healthy life is difficult and expensive. Healthy living can begin with small things that are easy and cheap. Well, what are those?

Start Your Day With Drinking Water
Drinking water when you get up in the morning will be a healthy habit Cheers Friends. At night, your body repair themselves and remove all the toxins in the body. In the morning, when your stomach is empty, the water you drink will cleanse toxins from the body and boost your metabolism. Cheers Alkaline Powered, produced with Alpha Ion Alkalizer (AIA) technology produces drinking water with an alkaline pH (up to 8.5) which is beneficial to neutralize body pH and helps boost metabolism so that body is refreshed and fit throughout the day. Easy and cheap isn’t?

Exercising in the Morning
Wake up early and do mild exercise for 30 minutes is very beneficial for your body, Cheers Friends. No need to exercise difficult and expensive. You can do jogging or walking casually around the house. Exercise in the morning will evoke endorphins that make you more fresh, and happy.

Make a Healthy Breakfast
Eating healthy foods for breakfast doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many kind of foods that are cheap and easy to come by and made for your healthy breakfast. For example, various fruits and eggs with a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. For fruit doesn’t have to be an expensive or imported fruit. The seasonal fruit is enough.

Get Used To Move
If your work requires you to sit for long periods of time, take some time to exercise lightly for 10-15 minutes after sitting for a full hour. You can also take a few minutes to walk out of the work space. Easy and cheap of course.

Enough Rest or Sleep Well in the Night
In fact, it is difficult to get used to sleeping early in the night. Various tips have been done, but still always fail. It’s good to change your mindset Cheers Friends. “If not you who pay attention to your own healthy, then whether others would care about your healthy?”

Researchers found that the more socialized at a young age, it has better health in the short term and when old age. Based on these findings, it is very important to invite teenagers and young adults to build more social relationships and begin to practice the ability to socialize and interact with others as well as eating healthy and active exercise.

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