5 Healthy Lifestyle To Boost Immunity

Applying a healthy lifestyle is a must if you do not want to get sick easily. Well, here are 5 healthy lifestyle you should do to improve body immunity.

1. Be Active
Healthy living with active moves can be done with sports. Exercising is a very effective activity to prevent flu, because it can increase the body’s ability to fight infections. According to MedlinePlus, the speed of white blood cells circulating around the body increases during exercise. In addition, if we are sick, active moves also speed up recovery. However, we must pay attention to the body’s response to physical activity. If exercising actually makes us unwell or lethargic, maybe we need to change the type of exercise or duration. Besides exercising, you can also actively move in another way. For example, cycling to where you are on the move, or picking up stairs instead of riding an elevator at work.

2. Sleeping Enough
Usually the lack of rest or sleep to trigger a decreased immunity that causes health decreases. Neurologist Matthew Walker warns of the risk of sleep deprivation can lead to illness, from the common cold to more serious illness. Good sleep duration is about eight hours a night. In fact, about two-thirds of adults usually lack sleep.

3. Consumption of Foods that Improve Immunity
Many foods you can consume to boost your immune system. Herbal plants such as turmeric, oregano and cayenne for example. The plant has long been used as a medicine because of the substance content in it. Foods such as mushrooms and garlic have also been known to have a positive impact on health, including speeding healing from sickness. According to research conducted by the University of Florida, eating shiitake mushrooms cooked every day can boost immunity significantly. In addition, the fungus also has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Fulfill Body Fluid Intake
With so many varieties of healthy drinks available in the market, we often forget the great benefits of water. Drinking water can provide many benefits to the immune system, because it can help the kidneys effectively remove toxins from the body. Cheers Alkaline Powered are drinking water with an alkaline pH (8-8.5) processed using alpha ion alkalizer (AIA) technology that is useful for neutralizing the acidity of the body. Drinking 2-3 liters of Cheers Alkaline Powered on a regular basis can increase the antioxidants that help immune the body and boost metabolism.

5. Prevent Stress with Me Time or Do Hobby
Stress is one of the triggers of declining health. Therefore you must be smart to deal with it. Many ways can be done. Me time by pampering yourself in the salon or shopping could be an alternative. In addition to hobby also can prevent the onset of stress.

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