5 Light Exercise That Can Be Done During Fasting

Healthy lifestyle should always be applied even though you are fasting Cheers Friends. For example, sports. Fasting does not mean you are absent to exercise, Cheers Friends. Exercise can still be done of course with attention to the time to exercise and type of exercise. Here summarizes five light sports that you can keep doing during fasting.

1. Yoga
Yoga does not need movement that is not too draining the energy. That’s why make yoga into the right sport done when fasting. A yoga procession that focuses on breathing technique training, will help the process of supplying oxygen into the brain and help us to stay clear, calm, and comfortable during fasting. Yoga also helps the body’s detoxification process more leverage. Do it for 15-30 minutes in the afternoon before breaking the fast.

2. Jogging / Light Treadmill
Jogging with light intensity is very good to do during fasting. We can do jogging a few hours after doing the meal in the morning and / or during the afternoon before the breaking time. Jogging in the morning allows us not to feel too tired, because there is still a lot of energy stored in the body after eating meal. Do light jogging for 20-30 minutes to maintain body fitness while fasting, but keep pairs of mild jogging intensity to prevent excessive dehydration.

3. A Relaxing Stroll
If body condition does not allow for jogging, a relaxing stroll can be an alternative. The relaxing stroll is great for the health of the spine and heart muscles. 10 thousand steps per day can prevent osteoporosis. However, choose the right time to do this sport as in the afternoon before the
break fasting

4. Bowling
Bowling is one type of sport that is inclined to the form of the game. This sport helps us to be more relaxed .Bowling to be one type of light exercise that we can also do during fasting. We can play bowling while waiting for time to break the fast while maintaining the balance of gestures to keep the stamina awake.

5. Weight Training
Weight training can be done during fasting. Choose a load that is not too heavy. Perform lifting weights slowly so the muscles do not cramp. You can do it at home when the afternoon before breaking the fast.

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