5 resolutions of healthy living 2020

Happy new year 2020. Do you already have a resolution for this new decade? graduated from college on time? Job promotion? But don’t forget, the resolution for a healthier life is also important in your list. Here is a list of healthy life that you can apply in 2020, Cheers Friends.

1. Cook more often at home
Healthy life starts from a healthy intake too. Start with cook more often at home. Besides being healthier it is also more efficient, Cheers Friends. If you usually only cook once a week, increase it to 2-3 times. Do not have time? Or can’t cook? It’s easy. You just look for simple recipes on the internet or social media that you easily apply.

2. Exercising more often
To exercise diligently, you don’t have to hire a personal trainer or buy a gym. You can start with a leisurely stroll or jogging in the morning before leaving for work or on weekends. Don’t stop there. If you spend more time in the office working, you can do light exercise in the office. Do not know how? Easy, you can search for sports tutorials in the room on the internet.

3. Get used to drinking mineral water
Challenge yourself to drink more mineral water than other drinks. Sounds easy indeed, but is your body’s fluid intake adequate every day with mineral water? Usually when eating out, sweet drinks and even soft drinks are ordered more than mineral water.

Get used to bring a bottle of mineral water to accompany your activities. Cheers Alkaline Powered with pH up to 8.5 helps balance body pH and boost your metabolism. The ergonomic bottle packaging is very easy to carry anywhere.

4. Sleep well
Sleep is an important part of overall health. Lack of sleep can cause serious consequences. For example, lack of sleep can increase the risk of weight gain, heart disease and depression. Reducing playing smartphone before going to bed, avoiding caffeine and sleeping at reasonable hours are some simple ways to improve sleep quality.

5. Quit smoking
It is common knowledge that smoking has a variety of negative health effects, but many people find it difficult to quit. For active smokers, stopping smoking is difficult. However, that does not mean it is impossible. You can start reducing it little by little. In addition, you can replace a pack of cigarettes with a packet of gum. So, once the urge to smoke appears, you can immediately chew the candy. Now, if that is still difficult to do, there is no need to hesitate to ask the help of a doctor or therapist.

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