5 Tips to Keep Skin Moist During Fasting

Fasting means your body does not get fluid intake for about 12 hours. It can cause dry skin. Plus the temperature is increasing. Well, for your skin to stay awake moisture during fasting, you should note these things Cheers Friends.

1. Fluid Intake When Breaking Fast and Pre- Dawn Meal
When meal and break the fast is our chance to meet the intake of body fluids. The source of skin moisture is water, so make the most of it. If the body is well hydrated, the moisture of the skin will be maintained. Cheers Alkaline Powered becomes your friend for breaking fast and prea dawn meal. Contains alkaline pH that helps the body hydrated more optimally so that skin moisture is maintained.

2. Eat Vegetables and Fruits
Related skin health does not just rely on outside nutrients. Nutrition from within is equally important. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables when breaking and dawn. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of nutrients and vitamins are good to keep your skin moist

3. Notice The Face Washers
Many who think washing the face often will clean the skin well. In fact, excessive facial cleansing will reduce skin moisture. Especially facial cleansers that have a pretty hard content. Note the PH that is contained on the facial wash you use. Normal pH of facial skin ranges from 5-6. Thus, the selected facial wash should also be in the range of the pH. If the high pH can be more easily make the skin so sensitive, acne, and even dry.

4. Use Moisturizer
Nourish the skin from the outside is also not to be missed. Use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin. Both dry and oily skin need moisturizing equally. Many people who think oily skin do not need a moisturizer, but that’s a big mistake.

5. Use Sunscreen
Face skin protection as optimal as possible. UVA and UVB rays from the sun can not only make the skin dull but also can accelerate the symptoms of aging. Use sunscreen with SPF amount according to your activity.

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