5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

New Year holidays are anticipated soon. Not a few are already planning a vacation with your family, friends or couples. Various purposes also contains a long list of fun activities to fill the holiday and was already prepared. If it were so should not we live need a healthy body to enjoy the holidays? Well, to stay healthy during the holidays this year, Cheers has 5 tips Cheers Friends. Check this out!

1. Bring Always Mineral Water
Visit all the places and activities that exist in the long list of course draining your energy and body fluids. To avoid dehydration is always ready mineral water in your bag. Avoid consumption of drinks with a high sugar content and a soda for drinks. Its actually cause dehydration.
Cheers Alkaline Powered ideal to accompany your vacation. Packaging ergonomic and convenient to carry anywhere, very fit to accompany your journey. The content of alkaline in it helps the body hydrated maximum so that the body fresher and smooth your holiday activities throughout the day.

Cheers Alkaline Powered kini akan menemani liburan serumu di Kampung Warna-Warni, Jodipan Malang

Cheers Alkaline Powered will accompany your great holiday in Kampung Warna-Warni, Jodipan Malang.

2. Wisely in Selecting Food
Who doesn’t want to eat well for traveling? Shouldn’t avoid comfort food, but you have to be smart to choose the nutritional intake during vacation. After the streets, should not be stopped at a bakery to buy Classic Cinnabon (700 calories). Better consumption of fruits and vegetables that can now be found in a variety of menus.

Setelah lelah berfoto pastikan Cheers Alkaline Powered menjadi pereda dahagamu

After take a photo, make sure that Cheers Alkaline Powered to be your thirst reliever.

3. Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

On the way of travel, we take time to stop at the mini market or supermarket to buy a snack. Well, rather than choosing snacks not containing flavorings, sweeteners and preservatives, it is better to buy some fruit or yogurt.

4. Consumption Suplement If Necessary
Bring supplement or vitamin in your bag. If needed consume as directed. Especially if Cheers Friends on vacation by private vehicle. Definitely need extra energy to drive.

5. Take a Time to Exercise
Vacation does not mean you do not exercise. Mild exercise in the hotel room, gym or jogging on the beach could be an alternative. If you do not have time, multiply walk while on vacation, for example around the city until the tracking into the mountains or hills.

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