8 Fact About Body Condition While Fasting

  1. Breaking Fast and Dawn Intake Affects Daylight Conditions
    Although fasting, healthy living by eating the right foods should still be applied. Therefore, the food consumed during breaking fast and dawn greatly affect body condition during the day. dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, a health expert, said the habit of providing food “as it is” without thinking about the nutritional composition is the cause of many people limp during fasting. To overcome limp during fasting, input the vegetables and fruits in the menu of dawn and fast breaking so that the body’s vitamin intake remains fulfilled.
  2. Not Easily Hungry by Eating Fruit
    When fasting, the body will not easily hungry if you include fruits in the dawn menu. Because fruits contain high fiber. High-fiber foods will last longer in the gut. Dr. A. Inge Permadhi, MS, SpGK from Siloam Hospital confirmed that even the benefits of fruit will be greater when consumed with the rind, especially for apples, pears, and grapes. “For oranges eat with white fruit fiber,” she explained.
  3. Dehydration
    While fasting, the body does not get fluid intake for 12 hours. This makes the body dehydrated. Therefore, we must be smart to set the time and the drinking amount during fast breaking and dawn. Clinical nutrition specialist, dr Inge Permadhi says addressing fluid needs during fasting is easy. The way that can be applied is to drink as much water 2-3 cups at dawn until imsak. Then 2-3 glasses when fast breaking, and the rest at bedtime. “To be sure, this fluid requirement must be fulfilled during fasting to be fulfilled, at least 8 glasses a day, can be 2-4-2 pattern, or 3 glass at dawn and 7 glasses during breaking” she said. She said the importance of water adequacy during the fasting month becomes more important than the usual day. Therefore, to reduce the feeling of weakness due to lack of fluids, and also for the body can still concentrate on daily activities that remain undertaken. Cheers Alkaline Powered containing alkaline pH that helps maximum hydrated on the body, so that the body is more fresh, activity can run smoothly while fasting.
  4. Cracked and Dry Lips
    Dehydration during fasting can trigger dry and cracked lips complaints. The lips become the most dry and cracked part of the body because of the rarity of contact with water. Therefore it is not wrong to multiply eating fruit when fast breaking and dawn, so that the moisture of the lips will return and avoid cracked.
  5. Relieve Pain
    Fasting is not just a religious activity that must be done by Muslims, because the fact that fasting gives extraordinary effect for the improvement of body health. Fasting can help relieve joint pain, for people suffering from arthritis. A study shows, there is a relationship between improved arthritis and increased ability of neutrophil cells in eradicating bacteria. Netrophil is what plays a role in neutralizing toxins and bacteria during fasting.
  6. Reducing Stres and Depression
    For the body, fasting can have the effect of reducing stress and depression. This is, among others, evidenced by Agnese Barolo, a life coach, in New Rochelle, New York. Several times when the patient’s stress and depression come, Agnese will advise fasting to cope with stress and depression. According to her, by not eating a few hours a day, someone will learn to control their lives. If someone can control them life, then they will be able to solve the problem so will be free from stress and depression.
  7. Colon More Relaxed
    The colon of the body has many roles, including absorbing water during digestion, producing vitamin K and vitamin H (biotin), forming the mass of the stool, and encouraging leftover digestive food out of the body. By not eating for several hours, it is certain the colon becomes more relaxed so that it can rest for a moment.
  8. Chance for Liver to Take a Rest
    The liver is the largest gland in the body to help function kidney by breaking down some compounds that are toxic and produce ammonia, urea, and uric acid by using nitrogen from amino acids. The process of solving toxic compounds by the liver is called the detoxification process. Fasting, where no food intake for 12 hours will allow the liver and other digestive organs to be able to rest.

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