8 Reasons You Have to Sweat

Healthy living starts with an active move. However, some people feel lazy to move because do not like too much sweating. Yes, sweat is always identified with heavy work, the temperature of the room is hot and the body becomes dirty. Though sweat arising from the results of activity or moving has many benefits for the health of the body. Here are 8 reasons why sweating is good.

1. Helps Lose Weight
Sweating is actually a good way to burn calories. So if you do not have much time to exercise, sitting in the sauna can be an alternative.

2. Remove Toxins / Detox Processes
Unwittingly our bodies store a lot of poison. Well, when sweating that the body remove toxins so that the kidneys, liver, intestines, and other vital organs cleaned of toxins.

3. Balancing Body Fluids
Sodium and potassium are needed to balance body fluids. So, if you unwittingly consume food with potassium and excessive sodium, the sweat will keep up.

4. Helping the Hydration Process
As important as urination, if you sweat it will definitely make you feel thirsty and need fluid intake. It is part of the natural hydration process. So if we sweat then the hydration process smoothly. Well, in the process of hydration, of course the body needs fluid intake. Cheers Alkaline Powered is a drinking water processed with Alpha Ion Alkalizer (AIA) technology to produce drinking water with alkaline / alkaline pH (8+) which helps the body get more hydrated so that the body is fresher and activity goes smoothly.

5. Boost Your Metabolism
Sweating helps the body use more calories and speed up the body’s metabolism so that the body becomes healthier. That way, the appetite will also be awake and the body can still slim because of calories burned.

6. Cleansing Pores
Acne or skin infection often occurs due to clogged skin pores. Well, one of the main benefits of sweat is to open and clean the skin pores. In addition, sweating will give your skin a healthier and shinier appearance.

7. Cooling Your Body When Temperatures Rise
Sweating is the best way to cool down the body temperature. When the surrounding temperature increases, the body will automatically adjust its temperature to the surrounding environment. Sweat will help the body to reach its optimum temperature when adapting to the environment.

8. Relieves Stress
Many people think that exercise helps to cope with stress. It is not completely wrong. The reason, the key stress reliever just came from the sweat out when doing physical exercise.

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