Beware, Junk Food Addictive!

Not difficult to find junk food. Therefore, the average of its outlets can be open 24 hours. Junk food is also considered to be an alternative food especially for people with high activity. But, did you know Cheers Friends junk food can make people addicted?

Nutritionists Jansen Ongko as reported by explain junk food is the food lacking in nutrients, but high in calories. Junk food is different from fast food. Not all fast food is junk food. “Junk food is made in such a way becomes addicting. Junk food much felt, making the tongue fooled. The more frequent consumption of junk food, the more difficult to stop,” said Jansen.

Jansen said that junk food has been processed in such a way that the nutrients they contain is lost. Junk food is very indulgent tongue for added flavor, artificial sweeteners and food coloring.

If junk food is introduced to children as early as possible, they also tend to be more like junk food rather than cooking at home mother. According to Jansen, psychologically it can also affect a person’s desire eating junk food. For example, parents taking children to eat junk food in fast food restaurants, because there are areas of play. Finally, the children become happy to eat junk food, because it can while playing there.

If the habit continues it will be bad for health. Therefore, balanced diet is recommended. One of them multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruits. In addition to containing vitamins, fruits and vegetables contain fiber which is good for the body. Healthy foods will feel the effect if balanced with a healthy lifestyle anyway. Sports, not staying up late, not smoking and drinking alcohol should also be familiarized. Don’t forget to always fill needs of body fluids with proper drinking water.

Cheers Powered Alkaline water processed by Alpha Ion Alkalizer (AIA) tecnology to produce drinking water with alkaline pH (8 to 8.5). Serves to neutralize excess acid (acid) in the body, boost metabolism, and became a natural antioxidant that the body is not susceptible to disease.

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