Bromo Marathon 2016, Event to Beyond Ourselves

Cheers Alkaline Powered Reliable Back as Official Mineral Water


The landscape of Bromo plus public euphoria about running sport make Bromo Marathon as anticipated event. The proof, more than 1000 runners back to try his physical strength at Bromo Marathon 2016 in Tosari, Pasuruan (4/9/2016). As one of the mineral water brands that focus on health, Cheers Alkaline Powered reliable back as the official mineral water in this annual event.



This is the fourth time for Cheers to participation in the event that followed by 31 countries. That means, Cheers has been participating since the first times Bromo Marathon last held in 2013. Not only became the official mineral water. This year, 20 runners who call themselves Cheers Runners also competed in the event. Cheers runners consists of employees of PT Atlantic Biruraya (Cheers) and Mikatasa are indeed often participate in competitions run.

In order to support the preparation so that the good performance when competing, the Cheers Runners had come the day before. They choose to stay at one of the houses not far from the run area. It is also intended to adapt to the cold air Bromo which can reach 10 degrees celsius during night.

The next morning, though reluctant to break away from cozy warm blanket, the Cheers Runners start getting into the arena. Arrived Tosari field which use as a START / FINISH line, seen many others participants who arrive. There are some who are still busy with the registration, some more visible start warming up. Not only from within the country, participants from other countries such as Germany, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Canada and Africa participated ‘flooded’Tosari field.

Around 07.00 am, the Regent of Pasuruan, Isyad Yusuf, opened Bromo Marathon 2016. The sound of gunfire into the air signaling the international running event is opened. The first batch, hundreds of runners who fell in the class marathon (42 km) dispatched, followed by class half marathon (21 km), and closed the participants who dropped in class 10 km.


This year, the committee of Bromo Marathon 2016 provides a surprise for runners. The surprise is the track that is different from last year and the event ran normally. Track of Bromo Marathon last year has begun with the climb up and ends with downhill track until finish. This track is already plural encountered a similar run in the event.

Well, this year the runners treated downhill track at the early kilometer In the final kilometer, they were forced to finish the race with a steep incline and slope quite exhausting. According to some runners, the track feels more exhausting than the previous year. ” Therefore, the power has been depleted in the early kilometers, runners have to work hard again exceeded the ramp up to the finish. It makes tired, ” explained Andhi Prasetyo, one of the members Cheers Runners who dropped in class 10 km.

Although the track is more severe and more frequent breaks, the Cheers Runners finally managed to touch the finish with a big smile. This event is not just a speed race and physical strength. More than that, Bromo Marathon is event to beyond the limits of ourselves.


Yes, initially some of Cheers Runners especially first-time participation had hesitated to reach the finish. However, they keep challenging themselves to get it over with. Finally, with control themselves and maintain positive thoughts, the Cheers Runners completed Bromo Marathon 2016 at the finish line. Ritual obligatory, photo with medal garland around the neck of each runner as a closing at event Bromo Marathon 2016.

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