Change These Lifestyle For a Healthier 40’s

Have you started a healthy lifestyle early on? Therefore, the current healthy lifestyle habits will affect the health of your body at the age of 40 later. Ages 20-30, maybe we feel there in the ‘glory’. At that age, we sometimes don’t pay attention to intake of food that enters our body. Without realizing it, suddenly the blood pressure was high and blood sugar above normal. So, change these habits before you enter the “head of four”:

1. Gadget Addict
Does gadget addiction make us sick? According to a study of experts at Harvard, watching too much television or staring at a gadget screen increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In addition, the emission of waves released gadgets also disrupt the circadian rhythm of the body, so we have trouble sleeping. (

2. Skip Mealtime
Skipping meals because don’t have time or accumulated work would be very harmful. As a result the choice fell on junk food for practical reasons. Where as fast food or junk food contains many substances that harm your health.

3. Lack of sleep
Like mobile phones, our bodies and brains also need to be reset and “battery charge”with sleep enough 7-8 hours every night. Lack of sleep in the long run will increase the risk of hypertension, obesity, and also depression.

4. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol
You may have memorized the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol for health. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol before the age of 40 will reduce the risk of death from smoking and alcohol-related illnesses by up to 90 percent. (

5. Lack of Sports/Exercise
One of the benefits of exercise is to increase the immune system so as not easily attacked by disease. Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, WebMD health director, explains when the body sports will be more free to move. This will trigger the process of metabolism and blood circulation becomes more fluent. The result is healthier body and strong and not susceptible to disease. So, start exercising from now. Not having to exercise heavily. Even light exercise does not matter as long as routine.

6. Likes to Sweet Drink
Consumption of sugary drinks, such as sodas, packaged tea drinks, or favorites coffee at coffee outlets, not only increases weight but also triggers insulin resistance that in the long term causes diabetes. Change your drink with Cheers Alkaline Powered. Not only plain mineral water, Cheers is processed with Alpha Ion Alkalizer technology to produce drinking water with a pH up to 8.5 which helps balance the body’s pH and boosts metabolism.

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