Cheers and running events have become two sides of a coin that can not be separated. Proven many events running both local and international scale that has Cheers support. Sunday, November 26, 2017, Cheers was again believed to be the offical healthy water of Mud Warrior 3 at Ubaya Training Center, Trawas East Java.

Mud Warrior 3 is not just a regular run. In addition to running for 7 km, Mud Warrior 3 participants were also treated to 23 natural or artificial obstacles to be solved including, tire hops, bridges, mud max, babwire crawls, to obstacles that make many participants frustrating, great wall. Not only support the event, Cheers also down 17 warriors #BeraniBerkeringat to complete the challenge of Mud Warrior 3.

Cold air in the Penanggungan mountain area doesn’t reduce the spirit of the participants to complete the challenge. In addition to 17 CHEERS Warriors #BeraniBerkeringat, there are 1000 participants both elite category runner and warrior runner participated in this event. Mud Warrior 3 is also followed by presenter Marshall Sastra and Sinetron Players Fero Walandouw who participate with other participants to complete the challenge.


This is the second time Cheers has supported a running event with an obstacle. Previously Cheers support the event Run For NKRI carrying a similar concept. The Obstacle course itself has been used as an army training tool since the 19th century in Europe. Since 2009, the concept has been adapted by world events such as Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, OCR Word Championship, Tough Mudder, and True Grit. Mud Warrior pioneered by the Hangout Sport, was noted as pioneer obstacle course racing in Indonesia.

Despite having to bathe in mud and through many challenges, the participants were very satisfied with Mud Warrior 3. In addition to physical training, this event also emphasizes teamwork. Before Mud Warrior 3 in Trawas, Mud Warrior has been established in Sentul-Bogor, and Tahura-Yogyakarta. Yes, Cheers proud can be cooperate with event that has cool and challenging concept. See you at events #BeraniBerkeringat with Cheers Alkaline Powered, Cheers Friends!

Pictures by Erditya Indrawirasta (FB: Pelari Amatir)

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