CHEERS As Official Drinking Water for the International Palliative Congress

CHEERS as a drinking water product that provides a massive healthy living campaign feels proud to be part of the 13th Asia Pacific Hospice and Palliative Care Conference (APHC). This international scale event was held at Grand City on August 1-4, 2019.

This is the first time the APHC was held in Indonesia, precisely in Surabaya. Why Surabaya? As we know, Surabaya has been named a palliative city. Surabaya has advanced palliative care and organization. Surabaya Palliative Foundation (YPS) is one of them. In addition to developing a massive palliative program, campaigning for the importance of palliative care, they provide training to volunteers.

By theme “Bringing Hope to Those in Despair” aims so that the problems and challenges associated with the development of palliative care in Indonesia and its surroundings can be resolved through sharing the expertise and experience of world renowned experts through the conference.

The event was attended by 24 Asia Pacific countries. In total there were 700 foreign participants and 300 domestic participants. This event also involves the Indonesian palliative community (MPI), the Asia Pacific Palliative Care Network (APHN), the Indonesian Cancer Foundation, and of course the Surabaya Palliative Foundation. Hopefully the Indonesian people will no longer lay and care more about palliative care.

Meanwhile, as reported by, the Head of Surabaya City Health Office, Febria Rachmanita conveyed that this congress was a pride for Surabaya citizens at the international level. Surabaya was chosen as the host because it was considered to be developing and advancing in various palliative care service programs.

“So Surabaya has previously been well-known at the international level, with this congress it will increasingly add international confidence to Surabaya, especially in the health sector,” said Febria.

Febria explained that the Surabaya City Government through the Health Office continues to be committed to efforts to provide palliative care to patients. City Government, continued Febria, has a variety of special palliative care programs, such as HHC (Hospice Home Care), namely direct treatment to patient homes, palliative services in 63 health centers, to the provision of milk and additional food for palliative patients.

In addition, palliative patients in Surabaya whose homes are still rundown and not yet healthy are also undergoing rehabilitation. “We also have a Palliative Park in Surabaya, every Saturday and Sunday routine activities for palliative patients and several government and private hospitals in Surabaya also have palliative services,” she explained.

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