Cheers Cooperate with Tris Flower for Recycling Waste Plastic

We recognize as one of the manufacturers of bottled water make us contributor plastic trash that are not few in number. For that, we’re always working to be able to process garbage into goods more useful and economically valuable (recycling). In doing so, we cooperate with one environment cadre and home industry based in Jambangan, Surabaya, Tris Flower.

We are very grateful to met with Tris Flower. Actually, Our meeting with Tris Flower begins from accidental. Starting from the meeting Mr. Tris, owner Tris Flower with students who happened at that time was an internship at Cheers. Tris Flower inform some recycled product that uses Cheers material received awards in the foreign. Previous, Mr. Tris got the packaging waste from buying in banks of garbage in the area Jambangan.

The information we responded immediately with cooperation in mentoring as has been done until now. Plus there has not been a company that continuously aware and give guidance to Tris Flower. About one year Cheers actively provide of raw materials for recycling crafts to Tris Flower.

Product Blitz by CHEERS  as recycled raw materials

Product Blitz by CHEERS
as recycled raw materials

BLITZ by Cheers recycled into beautiful bags by Tris Flower

BLITZ by Cheers recycled into beautiful bags by Tris Flower

The decision to cooperate with Tris Flower not only based on the number of awards achieved by Tris Tris Flower, but also consistency in carrying out the mission of “love the environment by recycling”. Not only recycles and then sell it, but what Tris Flower do is a form of environmental protection. Not only that, Tris Flower also empower local communities in which case housewife to learn to recycle “junk” into high value goods. Share this knowledge also be a plus value of Tris Flower.

On several occasions, Tris Flower also conduct workshops for housewife in PKK, students and college student to make crafts recycling into items of high use value. It also meant that the love of the environment, the more embedded. Of course, in these events Cheers always support until now.

Kemasan product Sofii+ by Cheers juga menjadi bahan baku pembuatan kerajinan daur ulang

Product Sofii+ by Cheers also as recyled raw material

Pemberian wokshop daur ulang sampah kepada para mahasiswa Riau

Workshop recycling to college students from Riau



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