Cheers and YKI of East Java Campaign on Healthy Living to Prevent Cancer

As a manufacturer of bottled drinking water products that focus on health and healthy living, Cheers always to support the movement or campaign that aims to increase healthy lifestyle community. One of them in cooperation with the Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI) of East Java Province. Even the President Director of PT Atlantic Biruraya (CHEERS), Ms. Lizza Christina Hendriadi an YKI member of East Java and has an important role in the organization.

Until now, Cheers has always supported YKI programs. As in momentum commemorating the World Cancer day last February, YKI and Cheers intensified campaign healthy lifestyle as a way of preventing the kind of cancer. Therefore, the awareness to start a healthy lifestyle is still very low. Especially in developing countries like Indonesia.
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Various studies show that the majority of cancer are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle habits such as eating balanced, smoking and drinking alcohol. The most effective way to prevent some cancers is to leave these unhealthy habits and replacing them with more healthy habits.

Start by quitting smoking and change eating habits. Smoking could be the biggest potential cause of lung cancer. In fact, lung cancer is the most deadly disease of cancer in America. Lung cancer causes the loss of 3,000 lives per day in the world, and 90% of this amount is due to the habit of smoking.

Meanwhile, change eating habits become healthier also brings many benefits. In addition to weight loss, a healthy diet is also useful for reducing the risk of cancer, for example, is a fruit such as tomatoes, watermelon and other fruits that contain lycopene, which is effective to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Not only that, according to research from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA said some green vegetables, such as broccoli, contain nutrients that contribute to combat the toxic effects of pollutants and industrial chemicals that cause cancer cells.

In addition to stopping the bad habit of smoking and change eating habits, active as exercise also helps in preventing cancer. All kinds of physical activity makes your body active can reduce the risk of cancer. Regular exercise is one way to effectively prevent some cancers. By exercising regularly, you can reduce cancer risk by 30-50%.

Cheers and YKI East Java also confirms to the public that cancer can be prevented as early as possible. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle, early detection is strongly recommended. Therefore, people are encouraged to start a healthy life from now on. Because that way, cancer can be prevented as early as possible. In product development, Cheers also created Cheers Alkaline Powered to helps in preventing cancer. The content of alkaline (pH alkaline water) can help neutralize excess acid pH while inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Shelter For Cancer Patients

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Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI) East Java is a nonprofit organization and has the sole purpose of social and humanitarian field, particularly in the fight against cancer. YKI East Java currently provides temporary shelter for cancer patients who seek treatment in Surabaya. Shelter “Mardi Sasana Husada” YKI East Java is located in the Mulyorejo Baru No. 8 Surabaya. This place has a comfortable and safe environment and away from the noise. So the convenience of cancer patients who stay at the shelter is assured.

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