Hi Cheers Friends!
Want to get 300 thousand Go-Pay vouchers from Cheers? The method is really easy!

1. Follow the Cheers on instagram @cheerswater
2. Repost this #cheersfallingstarschallenge post to your instagram and a minimum of five tags
3. Upload your photos in the falling star challenge style accompanied by the Cheers product
4. Upload period 10-30 November 2018
5. Share the photo situation in the caption column. For example: After jogging hurry home, eh
instead stumble and fall.
6. Tag to Instagram @cheerswater and at least five of your friends
7. Don’t forget to give hastag #cheersfallingstarschallenge # cheerswater # Dare to sweat
8. Instagram accounts may not be locked / privatized
9. Cheers will choose one winner with the most beautiful and creative photo concept
10. Winners will be announced on December 1, 2018 on social media Cheers

So, what are you waiting for. Come hurry up and follow #cheersfallingstarschallenge and invite your friends to join too. Good luck Cheers Friends !!

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