Disrupted Metabolism? Recognize the Signs

Metabolism is a process in the body when food and beverage intake is processed into energy. So this is an important process. During this time we may not care about the body’s metabolism while still functioning normally. But as we get older, our metabolic performance will generally decline. Well, let’s recognize the signs of disturbed metabolism.

1. Quick Tired
According to Lisa Moskovitz, CEO of NY Nutriton says, if you often feel tired, it’s a sign that metabolism is slow. This is what makes food intake not converted into energy quickly, consequently you quickly tired.

2. Often Feeling Cold
Metabolism can also produce heat to warm the body. But if the body is easily cold, this is also a sign of the body’s metabolism is disturbed

3. Appetite or Snacking Increases
Scott Keatley, nutrition expert from Keatley Medical Nutrition Theraphy says, craving for certain foods is the body’s way of asking for energy. If you eat well and get enough sleep, but your appetite is completely out of control, it may be that the metabolism does not go well. “It happens because it does not change the foods you have consumed into the energy needed by the body,” Keatley said.

4. Weight Gain Increases Although Diet Awake
Scott Keatley also says that the slowing metabolism with age is a natural thing. “This is what makes weight gain when the diet is not awake, the solution, you have to work hard to keep your weight,” Keatley explained.

5. Hair and Skin to Be Dry
If metabolism is disturbed, then the body can not renew the cells quickly. As a result, the skin and hair become more dry than usual. Check out your skin and hair Cheers Friends. If dry maybe your metabolism disturbed.

Well, If you already feel something is wrong with your metabolism, check with your doctor immediately. To get a good metabolism, you should apply a healthy life with a nutritious diet, exercise, and fill your body fluid intake with Cheers Alkaline Powered. Its pH 8-8.5 helps to neutralize the body’s pH and boost your metabolism.

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