Don’t Do These 4 Things Before You Run

A healthy life begins with a healthy lifestyle first, Cheers Friends. Sports became one of them. Speaking of sports, lately, run becomes popular sport. Evidenced by the event and running community that increasingly. Running is one of the easiest and cheap sports. Even so, this sport can not be done carelessly. There are some things to avoid before running. What are they? Check this out!

1. Static Stretch
Warming becomes a must do before running. In warming there are still many who do static stretching (holding certain positions within a certain time period). Recent research says static stretching is not the best way to prepare muscles before running. Quoted from, static stretching actually makes the body slower to prepare. Performing a static stretch for 30-60 seconds can indeed lengthen muscles and affect signals between muscles and the brain. However, this triggers a reflex of muscle protection. It is this reflex that lowers muscle strength and makes it difficult to stretch naturally. For that, you should do dynamic stretching (Doing various movements in a short time). This dynamic movement is able to trigger movement of the muscle that simulates the movement as it is walking.

2. Eat a lot
A runner does require carbohydrates to energize. No wonder if many do carbo loading (eat carbohydrates) before running. But consuming food in large quantities is certainly not the right action. The amount of food in the stomach when running makes the stomach feel uncomfortable. When running, the digestive process runs slowly and the blood flow into the gastro-intestinal (GI) system is transferred to the muscle for exercise. As a result food can not be digested normally and will cause side effects such as cramps. Eat smaller portions but more often so that the sugar levels are stable and the body gets the energy to run. Choose foods that contain protein or carbohydrates that are more easily digested.

3. Too Much or Less Drinking
Do not drink too much before running. Instead of being well hydrated, you can even be bloated and hard to run. It is better if we drink a little but continuously throughout the day. Cheers Alkaline Powered drinks with pH up to 8.5 (alkaline) help the body hydrated maximally so you stay refreshed and #BeraniBerkeringat.

4. Forgot To Go To Toilet
The most annoying thing about run in the morning is craving to the toilet. Make sure you empty your stomach first before running. Avoid caffeinated beverages or drinks that make you want to urinate continuously. Avoid fatty foods, sweet, or too fibrous because it will be inconvenient when running.

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