Don’t Underestimate The Mineral Intake

Don’t underestimate the mineral intake that goes into your body, Cheers Friends. Minerals are not as simple as it sounds. Although the needs are very small, but must still be fulfilled.

Nutritionist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, dr. Diana Sunardi, M.Gizi, SpGK as quoted from explains, minerals have various benefits in body functions. Starting from arranging the network growth settings, maintaining the work of neural networks, helping transport nutrients between cells, and others. So if not met many health problems that we can experience.

If you are often dizzy, get tired or even fainted while on the move in the sun can be because the body lacks minerals. “It’s one of the easiest signs of mineral deficiency,” says Diana, a mineral deficiency that can also interfere with the digestive system and absorption of nutrients. For long-term, chronic mineral deficiency will make the skin look dull.

For that Diana said that it is very important to meet the needs of minerals with foods that are nutritiously balanced. For example, staple foods 3-4 servings, vegetables 3-4 servings, fruit 2-3 servings, side dishes with complete protein source, to limit the intake of sugar, salt and oil.

In addition to foods with balanced nutrition, body fluids intake, especially water should be fulfilled. “From the drinking water of minerals consumed daily can also meet the needs of magnesium, especially,” explained Diana.

For that, choose water that the mineral content is maintained. Mineral water such as Cheers Alkaline Powered and Cheers Natural Spring Water  contains natural mineral benefits that are very good for your body. Drink Cheers at least three liters a day, the body’s mineral needs are fulfilled, your body fresher throughout the day.

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