Fasting Tips for Pregnant Women

Maintaining nutrition intake for fetal development is the responsibility of every pregnant woman. However, when the fasting month arrives, many questions about fasting for pregnant women. Actually, pregnant women are allowed to not fast, but some keep fasting. Although fasting, nutrition for the fetus must remain fulfilled. Cheers have tips to keep the nutrition for the fetus fulfilled during fasting.

1. Select Healthy Menu For Dawn
Choose the menu that has nutrients for dawn to fulfilled needs of the fetus and maintain health during fasting. The recommended composition is complex carbohydrates, protein both vegetable and animal, and fat. Consumption of vegetables and fruits should not be abandoned so that your digestion remains smooth and avoid hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

2. Consume Vitamins if Necessary
Not just any vitamin can be consumed for pregnant women, in addition to the material contained should be consulted with the doctor, the portion requirement in these vitamins should be guided doctors so that the benefits of vitamins can be beneficial to the maximum health of mother and fetus.

3. Enough Rest
Manage time for take a rise is very important for the health of the fetus during fasting. Try to get enough rest and quality.

4. Drink Milk for Pregnant Women
If pregnant women usually drink milk when morning and night, now you replace it when dawn and fast breaking. Milk for pregnant women is very good in assisting fetal development and reduce anemia.

5. Fulfill Body Fluids Intake
Body fluids need to be fulfilled. Especially when pregnant. Drinking Cheers Alkaline Powered when dawn and breaking fast helps boost metabolism, the body is more hydrated perfectly so the body remains fresh and fasting smoothly.

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