Five Years, Cheers Give Freshness In Bromo Marathon

Carrying the concept of healthy drinking water makes Cheers Alkaline Powered consistently supports the healthy life movement with campaign #BeraniBerkeringat. Bromo Marathon event at October 1, 2017 become one of the evidences of Cheers consistency, because this year is the fifth year Cheers is trusted as Official Healthy Water Bromo Marathon since its first event in 2013.

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Not only become Official Healthy Water. This year, 15 Cheers Runners participated again. Cheers runners are a running group consisting of employees of Mikatasa Group (PT Atlantic Biruraya and Mikatasa Agung) who actively participated in the run event. This is a distinct achievement for Cheers. Where employees or human resources in it to support the movement #BeraniBerkeringat with real action.

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Together with 1800’s of other runners both from Indonesia and abroad, Cheers Runners successfully complete the challenge according to the class they take. As in previous years, Bromo Marathon provides three classes of 10 kilometers, 21 kilometers (half marathon), and 42 kilometers (full marathon). The event committee, Dedy Kurniawan explained each class or category has its own characteristics.

Category 10 KM is for beginners. The elevation is 1,500 to 1,700 Mdpl. While the category of 21 KM more highlight sports tours. The route is more spot for selfie and take pictures. Participants can directly enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo. This category is followed by many runners from abroad. “If the 42 KM class is a professional runner with elevation between 1,300 Mdpl and 2,500 Mdpl, the time is 8 hours so the runner must focus on completing the track,” said Dedy.
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Besides to routes that are certainly different from the previous year, this time, Bromo Marathon also took a different START / FINISH. If previously in Tosari District Square, this year Start / Finish is in Pelataran Bromo, Tosari. Erditya Wirasta (Ig: @dtwirasta), one of the participants who went down in the category of 21 K (half marathon) said many different in this race. One of the most felt lost is the popular spirit of Bromo Marathon like last year. “Last year after the race, runners were served free food from local residents. Now all supported by Plataran Teras Bromo. Making the packaging of Bromo marathon more international,”he said.

Erditya added Bromo Marathon is a marathon race with the most beautiful view in Indonesia. Although the track is combined with a hill that often breaks the hearts of the runners, plus a thin oxygen level and cold air, but the bonus of a stunning scenery make forget that tired. “It makes me upset between chasing time or chasing PB (Poto Banyak),” he concluded.

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