Healthy Food After Exercise

Maintaining a diet and doing sports activities is a required menu to run a healthy lifestyle. But, have you ever felt very hungry after exercising so eat a variety of foods that exist without regard to healthy diet and calories also fat that enters the body? If you did, change change the habit, immediately!

Reporting from based page said, actually there are some healthy foods that are highly recommended to be consumed after exercise. This healthy food certainly has a delicious taste, filling and absolutely healthy. Experts strongly recommend to eat these foods because these foods also restore lost body energy during exercise without increasing calories or body fat.

1. Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are very good and healthy to restore lost energy during exercise. Eating one to two apples, avocados or bananas can restore your energy. Antioxidants and vitamin content are also good for your body.

2. Yogurt
Yogurt is derived from milk fragmentation. This food contain a variety of nutrients, vitamins and a good source of energy for the body. Yogurt can be consumed with fruit or vegetables.

3. Egg
Experts found that in one egg there are various nutrients and vitamins are healthy for the body. Eggs are also a source of healthy protein that fills. So don’t be surprised if the egg is advised to be consumed after exercise. Eggs can also be a low-fat breakfast menu is also calorie and guaranteed not to make fat.

4. Sweet potato
As a healthy source of carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are recommended to be consumed or used as a stomach booster after exercise. Sweet potatoes also contain nutrients and vitamins that boost the immune system. When the body loses energy after doing sports activities, sweet potatoes is a good choice.

5. Salmon
Salmon contain many good benefits for the body. Salmon is filling and low in bad fat. In order to get the body fit, healthy and far from the risk of obesity, it is recommended that consumption of salmon regularly after exercise.

Well, beside these foods, fill your body fluids with healthy drinking water. Cheers Alkaline Powered contain alkaline pH, helps the body hydrate optimally so that, your body fresher throughout the day.

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