Healthy Life, Powerful Weapon To Reduce Cancer Risk

Healthy life is the most effective way of preventing cancer. Moreover, cancer is a disease that until now is still low chance of recovery. This is confirmed by the chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation Prof Dr Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, SpPD-KHOM.

Aru said, a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer. ” Cancer is strongly influenced lifestyle, only a small part due to genetic factors, “he said. A healthy lifestyle is meant, among others, by running a healthy diet. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants because it can counteract free radicals thereby minimizing the risk of cancer.

Reduce foods that can trigger carcinogenic, such as red meat that is cooked too long or until charred and processed meats such as sausages. For an alternative red meat can be substituted chicken or fish, Cheers Friends.
In addition, maintaining ideal body weight are also highly recommended. Therefore, overweight (obesity) could be a trigger cancer Cheers Friends. Therefore, limit consumption of sugar and avoid high fat foods from now.

That’s not enough, to reduce the risk of cancer, our bodies need to move. So, regular exercise is needed. Later, other healthy lifestyle needs to be applied is not smoke and avoid alcohol. Enough rest is also highly recommended.
Complete diet and your healthy lifestyle with healthy fluid intake. Cheers Alkaline Powered contains alkaline pH that helpful halt the progression of cancer cells in the body. Therefore, the cancer cells will not grow in an alkaline environment. Cancer cells will develop if the body acidic environment.

Cheers Drink Alkaline Powered every day is supported by diet and healthy lifestyle, the risk of cancer would be reduced, Remember, cancer is not formed in an instant. Depend on you, Cheers Friends!

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