Healthy Living Campaign, CHEERS Support On Running Event

As a bottled water product that focuses on health, Cheers Alkaline Powered always working to support the movement or healthy lifestyle campaign, one of which supports sports-themed events, especially running. As at January 2017, there are two events run is supported by Cheers. Lari Untuk NKRI on January 15, 2017 and Prosperity Run on January 22.

Although both events run but both have different concepts. First, Lari Untuk NKRI is not only presents a track as part of a healthy lifestyle but is accompanied by the obstacle. A similar concept already found in the plural event flee abroad. However, in Indonesia are still some people do.

Event which was held to commemorate the 54th Infantry Brigade 1st Marine at 1st Marine Infantry Brigade field, Sidoarjo was attended by hundreds of runners. All runners deeply curious for obstacles provided by the organizers. 06.00 am start will begin. The flag-raising start is done directly by the Director of PT Atlantic Biruraya (Cheers), Edwin Hendriadi, Kapolrestabes Surabaya, Police Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal and The Infantry Brigade 1 Commander, Marine, Colonel Mar Sugiyanto. Once the flag is lifted, hundreds of participants including Mr. Edwin began his adventures were immediately joined by the other participants.

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Then, the participants really enjoyed his adventures with the barriers that must be passed. Hurdle started by climbing the spider gate, walk through holes in tires, to walk in the mud. Although drain a lot of energy, the participants managed to touch finish with a smile spreading.

The second event is the Prosperity Run 2017. This event with fun run concept which was organized in order to welcome the Lunar New Year 2017. Fun Run was held at Regency 21 Family Club Surabaya. Equally with Lari Untuk NKRI, hundreds of runners also thronged this event. Exactly at 06.00 am start flag was hoisted in front of the gate start / finish shaped bottle of Cheers. Hundreds of runners scrambled to pick their adventure.

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Not only these two events run who has Cheers support. Many events run like Bromo Marathon, Trail Run, until Grip The Road has been running along with Cheers. This is a commitment of Cheers to continue support movements or activities of a healthy lifestyle. Especially in Surabaya and surrounding areas, yet many of bottled water product that is consistent to treat sporting events especially running. So wait for the next event and the next supprise, Cheers Friends. Cheers Alkaline Powered for your healthy lifestyle!

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