Healthy Tips for Workers Behind the Desk

Working behind the desk requires us to linger sitting. Though sitting too long is not good for health. Many negative effects arising because of lingering sitting, such as back muscle pain or accumulation of fat in the abdomen. So, to overcome this, try these Cheers healthy tips, Cheers Friends:

1. Fill Fluid Needs
Working behind the desk made us feel as if not thirsty. The effect is oxygen in the brain is reduced so we often dizzy or unfocused. Always provide water at your desk. Choose water is good for health like Cheers Alkaline Powered. The alkaline content helps the body more optimally hydrated so the optimal burning energy to move throughout the day.

2. Don’t Lazy to Walk
Take time to walk around after sitting for a whole hour. Do not use short message or telephone to complete the work with friends of the office. You can walk to your friend’s office in order to move your body.

3. Make Stretch Light
Take a moment to do a light stretch. Starting from the head, shoulders, arms, back up to the feet. Perform 3-5 minutes.

4. Provide Healthy Snacks
Excessive appetite will arise while working while sitting or staring at a computer screen or laptop for a long time. For this reason, it is advisable to consume fruits as well as highly nutritious healthy snack.

5. Take a Time to Morning Sports
Most office workers are super busy at their desks. So, try to get up early and work out in the morning. Morning exercise will greatly help the body more refreshed for the move the whole day at the office.

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