How Bottled Water is Produced?CHEERS Invite You to Factory Visit!

Curious about production process of bottled drinking water? Well, Cheers invites you to visit the factory. Not only producing bottled drinking water, PT Atlantic Biruraya (CHEERS) also invites students and communities to see CHEERS ‘production process directly by visiting a factory in Pandaan, East Java.

All brands say they are the best. However, not all are willing or open to visit. Receiving visits is tantamount to risking the face of the brand. If there is one thing that doesn’t fit inside it will definitely worsen the image but if everything is in accordance with the standard, surely the impact will be very good.

However, so far Cheers have never worried that something is inappropriate. Because, every day Cheers has implemented the applicable standards in producing bottled drinking water. Experts and QC will always ensure production according to standards.

Participants who wish to make a visit should fulfill several conditions that CHEERS applies first, among others, the number of participants of at least 20 people, send an official letter of visit request no later than 2 weeks before the time of visit and comply with every rule at PT Atlantic Biruraya.

During the visit the participants will be invited to tour around and see the CHEERS production process directly from cups, bottles to gallons. Not only the drinking water production process, participants also saw the bottle production process. Besides producing bottled drinking water, Cheers also makes its own bottles.

By providing hands-on experience to participants, CHEERS hopes that participants will be closer to the product so that they influence the buying decision. The participants themselves were not only students from Surabaya and East Java. There were also visiting participants from Bandung, Yogyakarta to Lampung.


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