Keep Exercising During Fasting? Watch This 6 Things!

Keep exercising during fasting? No need to worry! Indeed thirst will come when exercising because the body lost a lot of fluid, but this is not a reason not to exercise right? For that it is necessary to intelligently choose the type of sport and time. In addition there are some things to note when exercising during fasting.

Basically, do exercise during fasting, we must know the condition of body and health itself. Because the fitness of each individual is different. Well, for that note these things Cheers Friends!

1. Just spend between 30-60 minutes for the exercise
Do not force yourself to exercise for hours. Although not long, as long as consistent and routine then you will feel the benefits.

2. Do exercise with mild intensity
It is recommended to do mild cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging or cycling. In addition you can also perform simple muscle exercises. This can help burn calories, increase stamina, stretch the muscles, increase flexibility and detoxify.

3. Increase fluid intake when dawn and breaking fasting
Fill your fluid intake with at least 8 glasses of water. 2-3 cup drinking during meal until dawn then 2-3 glasses when breaking the fast, and the rest at bedtime. Drinking Cheers Alkaline Powered at dawn and breaking will maximize the absorption of minerals in your body, besides its alkaline content helps the body to be hydrated maximally so that the body fitter, the sport also stay smooth.

4. Take a look the nutrients and portions of food consumed
Take a look at the menu and the portion of your meal of dawn and break fasting, Cheers Friends. Avoid eating foods that contain high fat such as fried foods and coconut milk for successful exercise.

5. Don’t continue exercise if you feel weak
Do not insist on continuing the exercise if you feel your body weakness or dizziness despite already lowering the intensity of the exercise.

6. Enough Sleep
Less sleep will affect the body’s performance. Try to sleep faster than usual so as not to sleep less. In order to sleep quality, set the room as comfortable as possible. For example, install a fan or air conditioner to keep the room cool and turn off the room lights.

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