Lifestyle Trends in 2021

Pandemics make us have to adapt to new habits and lifestyles. Check out the lifestyle that is trending in 2021. Hopefully this can be an inspiration, Cheers Friends.

Healthy lifestyle
The pandemic has shifted the mindset related to lifestyle. Currently, a healthy lifestyle is starting to be widely applied. Many people have started to care about the types and nutrition of the food and drink they consume. In addition, exercise is a mandatory activity to do.

Support Local Brand / UMKM
Pandemic conditions affect many aspects including the economy. Realizing this, many people have started buying local products as support for nearby MSMEs and small businesses.

Work and Study From Home
The pandemic requires all activities to be carried out from within the home including work and study.

Increasingly Concerned About The Environment
The policy to stay at home has also made some people start to cultivate a hobby of farming. Various types of leftover food can be used for replanting. In addition to saving on expenses, this new hobby also teaches you to love the environment.

Increasingly Concerned About Mental Health
Not only physical health, pandemics also affect our mental health. Nowadays, many people are looking for activities to relax themselves from meditation to visiting a psychologist.

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