Metabolic Disorders? This Could Be Why

Metabolism is one of the important processes in the human body. The process of metabolism will cause serious health problems if it’s not running smoothly. Metabolism is a system in the body that convert calories into energy. If metabolism smoothly, we would have the maximum energy to move. Conversely, if the metabolism is slow, will not burn maximum calories into energy that our activity can be inhibited.

The slow metabolism leads to the accumulation of calories. After piling up metabolism slows and calories, calories will turn into fats and lead to weight gain. There are many variables that contribute to metabolism, including heredity, gender, and age. Well, in addition to factors that are difficult to avoid before, Sidney Nutritionist Fry, MS, RD, found the main cause of slow metabolism without realizing we do everyday as reported by following:

Skipping breakfast
Late getting up, must take care of the home, plus the traffic jam, can cause you to miss breakfast. Many do not consider it a big problem but it greatly affects how metabolism works. “The metabolism slows down during sleep. You need to encourage the body’s metabolism to provide a boost of energy.

However, this does not mean you can achieve full-sugar muffin or a donuts as fast choice, ” said Fry. Sugar and refined carbohydrates will cause the metabolism becomes impaired. Instead of pushing energy, but it makes you tired and hungry. Choose foods with high protein and fiber for breakfast.

Consumption of refined carbohydrates
Refined carbohydrates are very different from carbohydrates found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Do not eat refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar. They are very quick to digest and high in calories are empty. It’ll make you feel hungry faster, causing eat more then necessarily cause weight gain.

Leave immediately or reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates. Replace with the grain, or fruit and vegetable consumption. Well, the higher the fiber in the foods you consume, will make your body work break down nutrients, which naturally increases the metabolism.

Consuming fructose
Fructose or sugar processed not only hide in soda, but can easily be found in snacks, ice cream, and even crackers. Sugar is hidden everywhere with many different names, one of which is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the biggest causes of metabolic damage. “Long-term consumption of HFCS is found able to increase body fat at a higher level and faster, increasing the risk of metabolic syndrome,” said Fry.

HFCS unlike table sugar, it is sugar free and bound molecules are more easily absorbed and utilized. Means the body has a little work to do to process, that slowing your metabolism. It is better to leave the fructose drink. Change your drinking water with mineral water.

Cheers Alkaline Powered not only relieve thirst, the alkaline content helps to boost metabolism so that calories burn completely into energy. As a result, the body is healthier, fresher, and activities run smoothly all day long.

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