Morning Exercise, Most Effective to Lose Weight

Healthy life and ideal weight of course be everyone’s dream. Many ways done such as setting diet (diet) to exercise. Exercise is considered to be a powerful way to lose weight besides to diet. The question is when is the right time for exercise to lose weight more effectively?

Basically the sport can be done anytime and anywhere. However, based on various studies, the best exercise time to lose weight is in the morning. Especially if done before breakfast. Research by Gonzales in 2013 showed that exercising before breakfast can burn 20% more body fat.

To reduce fat, the body must use food reserves in the form of fat, not from the food we consume. Now, by exercising before meals, the burned energy source comes from body fat and ready-to-use energy reserves. Not burn the food that is still in the stomach. As a result of increased body metabolism, so that the calories burned will be more. You also do not quickly starve for a day after morning exercise.

In addition, when we exercise before eating, the body will adjust the production of insulin hormone. This hormone will work more sensitively so it is more effective to help absorb the nutrients from food, and better to channel it to the muscles and liver. This stable blood sugar level also makes us not hungry fast so it will not eat more or starve all day.

Well, before exercising in the morning make it a habit to drink water to further help increase the body’s metabolism. Cheers Alkaline Powered is a drinking water that has gone through the Alpha Ion Alkalizer process (AIA) to produce drinking water with a pH up to 8.5 (alkaline / alkaline). Alkaline content in Cheers helps balance the body’s pH and boosts metabolism. Drinking Cheers Alkaline Powered at least two glasses before exercising helps you burn more calories.

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