Natural Tips Overcome Dull Skin

Busyness take a lot of time. Even so, keeping the appearance still must be done. You should not come to the salon or beauty clinic, treatment can still be done at home. For healthy skin, for example.
As we know, dull skin can be caused by free radicals caused by pollution. Not to mention an unhealthy lifestyle also contribute to skin loses its natural moisture. Well, to overcome, do these simple treatment, Cheers Friends:

Have a bath Twice
Although seem trivial, bath regularly twice a day will keep your skin healthy and clean. Bathing can remove dirt on the skin after a full day activity. Use soaps contain natural moisturizer to keep skin moist.

Use Moisturizer
After the bath do not be lazy to apply moisturizer. Body cream smeared strongly suggested time after you shower. Body cream will help your skin stay moist. Select a body cream that has a high mosteraizer.

Use Scrub
Every two times a week don’t forget to use the scrub before shower. This serves to remove dead skin cells. Use a scrub on the feet, hands and back. Scrubbing also helps you to remain naturally beautiful.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables
One way to keep skin smooth and free of dull is regularly eat vegetables and fruit. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins essential for the body. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamin E to improve skin health.

Drinking Mineral Water
Drinking mineral water 8 glass everyday. Enough water consumption helps the body to avoid dehydration and makes skin maintained its natural moisture. Cheers Alkaline Powered processed by Alpha Ion Alkalizer tecnology to produce drinking water with pH (8-8.5) which helps your body maximum hydrated so that, your body healthier and fresher.

Well, it’s easy right, Cheers Friends. So you don’t have to go to salon or beauty clinic. Healthy skin and free from dull will make you naturally beautiful. Good luck and hopefully succeed.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing tips top overcome dull skin. This has become the problem of many people and these tips mentioned by you looks very useful. I used to face the same problem. My skin became so dull due to pollution. After that, I started covering my face with a mask whenever I had to go out. Covering face with a mask when going out helped my skin to retain it’s natural glow.

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