New Normal Safe Vacation? Choose This Destination!

The easing of social restrictions with the new normal standard has been implemented. This makes us look forward to enjoying the holidays. So, which destinations are safe for holidays in the new normal era? Cheers sum it up for you.

1. Nature Tourism
Outdoor tourism such as natural tourism on the mountain or beach is a safe alternative to a new normal vacation. Nature tourism is considered not to have a large potential to generate crowds. The Ministry of Tourism itself has opened this type of tourism in stages.

2. Agro-tourism
Just like natural tourism, agro-tourism is an outdoor destination that is safe to visit.

3. Taman Safari
If you use a private car, Taman Safari is a safe destination.

4. Staycation
For months at home, it makes staycation an alternative vacation or just an interesting refreshing.
Moreover, currently hotels in Indonesia have implemented a complete health protocol for their guests.

5. Drive-in cinema
Miss watching a movie? Watching movies from inside the car or drive-in can be a safe alternative to your refreshing.

Well, have a nice vacation, Cheers Friends. Stay in compliance with applicable health protocols. Don’t forget to stay healthy with nutritious intake and keep your body hydrated. Cheers Alkaline Healthy Water accompany your healthy vacation.

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