Cheers Friends have woke up because the pain is due to sudden leg cramps? Cramps are generally triggered because the calf muscles are tensed or seizures. Well here’s four things that could be the cause cramps at night Cheers Friends

1. Uncomfortable Sleeping Position
Sleeping with an uncomfortable position can cause muscle strain. Try to take the position of the bed as comfortable as possible. Body relaxed so even foot. Do not use harsh bedding.

2. Exposure to Cold Air
Cold air can create muscle cramps. Especially for those who can not tolerate the cold. Shower with warm water before bed helps the muscles are more relaxed. If you are reluctant to take a shower the other alternative is compressing the calf with warm water.

3. Injury
Injury due to excessive muscular exercise may cause cramping. Note the portion engineering and sports. Remember, exercise does not merely have to be heavy, but do light exercise routine. Try to stretch or massage before bed.

4. Mineral Deficiency
Mineral deficiency, magnesium in the body can also cause muscle spasms or cramps. For the mineral intake must be met. One of them with sufficient body fluids with mineral water. Cheers Alkaline Powered is a mineral water that is processed by Alpha Ion Alkalizer technology to produce drinking water with an alkaline pH (8-8.5). Increases metabolism and helps the absorption of minerals more effectively.

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