Pay Attention to This Before Exercising When Fasting

Exercise while fasting? Why not. However, you must remember that for approximately 12 hours of fasting, the body does not get intake. So, what should be considered if you want to exercise while fasting?

1. Exercise Time
Regarding the time to exercise, it actually depends on the condition of their respective bodies.
However, it is highly recommended to exercise after iftar. This avoids exercising on an empty stomach. The choice of time that is also used by many people is 30-60 minutes before iftar.

2. Types of Sports
Do the type of exercise that you usually do before fasting. For example cycling, jogging or walking. However, it is recommended to do it in light to moderate intensity.

3. Food Intake
The body only gets food intake when iftar and suhoor. Try to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. For those of you who actively exercise while fasting, increase your protein intake. This substance is needed for growth and also as a building substance, so it can help restore and repair damaged muscle cells during exercise.

4. Body Fluid Intake
The intensity of the exercise you do when fasting can cause the body to become dehydrated. Therefore it is very important to meet daily hydration needs by consuming mineral water when iftar until suhoor. Cheers Alkaline Water contains a high pH of up to 8.5 to help the body be more optimally hydrated.

5. Rest Time
During fasting, we need to get up very early for suhoor. For that, make sure the rest time is early. Avoid staying up late so that the body is fitter and ready to exercise.

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