Prepare Your Body Ahead of Fasting with Cheers Alkaline Powered

Just count the days for Ramadan. What preparations have you made Cheers Friends? Besides mental preparation by refraining from temptation and lust, you also need to prepare your physique to receive many changes in your body. Well, here it is what you have to do to keep your body fit for 30 days of fasting:

1. Keep Food Intake
Before performing fasting, try as early as possible to sort out the food you consume. This will affect your habits when fasting later. Not all delicious foods are good for consumption, especially when fasting. Adjust to the condition of your body. If your stomach cannot accept spicy or excessive acid, don’t get used to eating these foods. Expand fiber with consumption of vegetables and fruits. Get used to it from an early age.

2. Keep Body Fluid Intake
More than 80% of our body consists of liquid. So we should have enough body fluids every day. Drink at least 8 glasses of mineral water every day. When fasting, your body will lose a lot of fluid. Therefore, make it a habit to drink mineral water from now on. You can if you want to consume other drinks such as tea, coffee or drinks with fresh flavorings, especially for breaking fast. However, mineral water must be fulfilled. Do not get dehydrated when fasting.

Cheers Alkaline Powered is mineral water with a pH up to 8.5 (alkaline) that greatly helps your body hydrate
maximally so that the body is more fit. Cheers Alkaline Powered is ready to accompany your fast a full month!

3. Get Used to Breakfast
For those of you who are not used to breakfast for various reasons. From now on try to eat breakfast as a simulation of eating sahur later. This habit can make you accustomed to receiving intake at an unusual time and most importantly training you to be able to get up early.

4. Sunnah fasting
You can start by doing sunnah fasting first. Sunnah fasting can train you to be strong and passionate about fasting. For example fasting Monday-Thursday, fasting Daud, fasting Rajab and others, but remember, do not fast 1-2 days before Ramadan unless you are accustomed to doing sunnah fasting.

5. Minimize the Use of Sugar
Avoiding sweet foods does require effort and determination. It feels very difficult to part with candy, chocolate, ciki, juice, ice cream, but you can do it. Because high sugar intake during fasting can make you feel hungry fast. Therefore, start to reduce sugar in your food and drink.

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