Prevent Diabetes, Let’s Do These 5 Things

Diabetes can not only attack someone who has descendants of diabetes. Diabetes can also attack because of a bad lifestyle. Urban communities with fast and instant lifestyle have a high chance of diabetes attack. They tend to pay less attention to healthy and good eating patterns. Time that has been used up to complete work and rest so there is no time to exercise. If allowed to continue, diabetic patients in Indonesia will increase. Well, to prevent it, let’s do these 5 Cheers Friends.

1. Replace Fatty Foods with Vegetables and Fruits
Research from the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that for every excess 40 grams of fat you eat in a day, the risk of developing diabetes triples. If you already have diabetes, you have a chance to experience complications. This happens because body fat makes cells reject insulin. Replace fat-containing foods with high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts.

2. Replace carbonated drinks with CHEERS Alkaline Powered
Soft drink are always tempting. One can of soft drinks on average contains 15 to 18 teaspoons of sugar and more than 240 calories. In addition to the high and digestible amounts, these sugars and calories do not reduce calorie intake on your diet. These substances will only increase the number of calories in your daily meal, so not as a substitute. Excessive calorie and sugar intake coupled with low physical activity make these substances rarely used. Calories and sugar are finally stored and accumulated in the body. Change your soda drink with water. Cheers Alkaline Powered is drinking water containing a pH up to 8.5 (alkaline), helping to balance your body’s pH and boost metabolism so that it quickly processes calories in the body into energy.

3. Exercise
Problems with diabetes often appear in you who cannot control your weight. Calories that accumulate without being used for activities can trigger diabetes. In addition to continuing to move, regular exercise is very helpful for you to ensure your ideal weight.

4. Get enough rest
Getting at least six hours of sleep at night is very important to prevent diabetes. Lack of sleep can increase the hormone cortisol in the body, which can increase insulin levels and cause blood sugar imbalances. In addition, sleep is not sound can also make appetite craze.

5. Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol
Smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can increase the potential for diabetes. This is because nicotine from cigarettes over time can damage pancreatic cells that produce insulin and increase the risk of diabetes. Even with alcohol, excessive alcohol consumption will damage pancreatic cells and are associated with excess body fat. That is the reason why if you consume alcohol your body will experience an increase in blood sugar.

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