Resolution 2018: Consistent to Healthy Living!

Healthy life must be everyone’s dream. To get it, of course you must make a healthy lifestyle such as eating nutritious food, drink enough water, exercise, and sleep well. However, it can not only be done once or twice to get maximum results. Especially if it is constrained busyness or work. Well, here’s tips to let you consistently keep a healthy life.

1. Starting With Small Things
Resolution for healthy living does cover many aspects. So, first you just focus on one thing. For example, to lose weight. Well, to lose weight, automatically you need to do is keep the diet, exercise, and change the lifestyle to be healthier.

2. Create a Plan
Organize your exercise and eating schedule for at least the next month. Don’t forget to make a commitment to obey the schedule you have set.

3. Rational Targets
Make a reasonable target (according to ability) so as not to make you lazy or anxious excessive feel unable to achieve it.

4. Create Note
It’s important to record what you have been able to do and what is not. By reading achievements that have been achieved can make you more motivated. Instead, you also know the causes that make you sagging through a healthy lifestyle.

5. Give a Gift to Yourself
When you reach a target, or at least be able to live a good lifestyle for a certain amount of time, reward yourself. It is capable of providing more motivation. Certainly avoid gifts of food or drink.

6. Find Support
Do not fight alone. Choose or find friends who have the same goals and hobby. So you stay motivated. You can start joining a running community or other sports group. You can also joint in the gym.

7. Provide Yourself with Healthy Foods and Mineral Water
Bringing healthy food and drink wherever will always remind us of the healthy life commitment that has been made. Try to have a healthy snack and mineral water in your bag. Cheers Alkaline Powered, drinking water with an alkaline pH (8-8.5) that helps balance the body’s pH and boosts the body’s metabolism. Ergonomic packaging makes it easy to carry anywhere.

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