Restore Metabolism After Lebaran

Metabolism is one of the most important processes in our body. To get a healthy metabolism lifestyle must be healthy. However, in a certain moment like Lebaran, we often loosen the healthy diet everyday. If you usually reduce the sweet and bersantan food, during Lebaran precisely that food that we often consume.

As a consequence, our bodies are sending out protest signals. Usually the problem that often arises is a substandard digestion (constipation). Therefore, do this to restore the digestive function as before.

1. Rearrange Your Healthy Diet
Begin by adjusting your diet with a nutritious and vitamin-rich intake. Expand the fruits and vegetables in your healthy menu. Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also contain lots of fiber that can help to boost the body’s metabolism also lower cholesterol levels and minimize the absorption of fat in the body.

2. Drink More Mineral Water
More than 80 percent of our body consists of water. For that body fluid intake must be fulfilled. Cheers Alkaline Powered not only supplies your body fluids, the alkaline pH content (8-8.5) in it helps boost your metabolism and slowly breaks down the saturated fat present in your body.

3. Exercise
Exercise or workout may be a routine that is ignored, especially during fasting and past Lebaran. However, to stay healthy and have the ideal body shape you should be regular to exercise in addition to maintaining your diet. Exercise is useful to get rid of unhealthy toxins in your body. With exercise it is also believed to be the healthiest way to increase metabolism and burn excess calories in your body.

4. Enough Rest
Moment Lebaran is only once a year. In that moment you can have time to gather and move with your big family. However, tired of activity to sleep deprivation is very influential on your metabolism. Be sure to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day to rejuvenate the body and keep your metabolism.

5. Adequate Protein Intake
In addition to multiply vegetables and fruits, protein intake is very useful increase body metabolism. With adequate protein intake, can increase metabolism up to 35%. For that, you can increase protein intake into the body to increase metabolism in the body. But you need to note, the intake of these proteins, try with a type of low intake and fat-free. Because as already explained that fat is one of the factors inhibiting metabolic processes in the body. You can eat several types of low-fat protein intake such as fish, eggs, tofu and others.

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