After Run? Don’t Miss These Things!

Sweaty activity especially running starting to get the attention of audiences. This is evidenced by the growth of running communities and the increasingly successful running events lately. Of course this is not separated from the increasing public attention to healthy lifestyles and information in social media. However, many who do not know though run including sports practical, easy, and cheap, there are things that are often missed after running. What are they?

1. Cooling After Running
Although it looks trivial, cooling after running is important, Cheers Friends. If before you run you are required to warm up, after running, you also can not miss the cooling. This cooling is the time when the original body is ‘stressed’ or strained by running slowly to normal. This process will help the muscle and nervous system back relaxed. However, usually after running many of you just sit or even lie down. It will make the muscle so stiff you know, because the muscle is still hot and heartbeat is still tight but your body just silence. So do not forget the cooling after running.

2. Drinking Mineral Water
When running, of course the body fluids are drained through sweat, right? Well, for that body fluids should be satisfied again. After running you should directly drink beverages that contain flavorings and sweeteners. Mineral water like Cheers Alkaline Powered is the most appropriate drink to fill your body fluids, Cheers Friends. Cheers are not just regular mineral water, the pH up to 8.5 (alkaline) helps your body to be fully hydrated so the body stays fresh and healthy after running. Don’t forget to drink Cheers Alkaline Powered after your sports activity.

3. Eating
Reasonable if you feel hungry after running. Eating after running / jogging is recommended as long as not directly eat with large portions, especially fatty foods. Besides to inhibiting the loss of body fat, fatty or processed foods have high levels of calories that make it difficult to digest and hinder the recovery process. So it’s useless if you run, but the calorie back again, right?

4. Change Clothes and Take a Bath
What do you do after running or jogging? If you want to be lazy, do not change clothes immediately and postpone bathing, then change that habit, right now!! Wearing clothes full of sweat for a long time will cause moisture and cause fungal infections. Before changing clean clothes, you also have to take a bath first. The habit of postponing the bath after jogging can make the skin hard to breathe and can cause itching because of bacteria.

5. Take a Rest/Sleep
Maybe this activity looks unproductive after sports. But, sleep is the best way to recover and build muscle that previously tired of being strong again after do sport.

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