Six Years of Participation Cheers in the Jatim Fair

Six years Cheers joint to celebrate Jatim Fair. Participation Cheers at 71 st anniversary East Java not only for selling and branding. More than that, this is a form of commitment Cheers was born and raised in East Java.

Eye-catching stand with red has always been a identity of Cheers in any event included in Jatim Fair 2016 at the Grand City Surabaya, 6 – 16 October. At this time Cheers still carry Cheers Alkaline Powered and Cheers Natural Spring Water to the public. Don’t forget, Cheers also took Christa Tuna to be introduced to the public.

As a brand of drinking water that focus on health, especially on the benefits of alkaline, Cheers active introduce alkaline benefit to public. Cheers is not just to sell but also to share with visitors about the benefits of alkaline. Team always establish good communication to potential customers in order to increase brand awareness.

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Not only that, in this time Cheers also provide a lot of promo. One of them is a special promo for prospective customers gallon. For prospective customers who subscribe directly at the event will get a free fill and send to the destination.

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Event for 11 days is also followed by many tenants ranging from the tenant of food, drinks, until tenants who displays excellent potential product area in East Java.The opening ceremony with fireworks performed by the governor of East Java, Soekarwo. After that, the public of Surabaya directly entertained by Kahitna first day as a guest star.

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Yes, like the tradition of the previous Jatim Fair, Surabaya people will be entertained by artists. This year, the ranks of such names Kahitna, Yovie and Nuno, Isyana Sarasvati, Naif, Type-X, until Ari Lasso also graced the high light of the anniversary of East Java. In addition, the artist is the one who always magnetic of Jatim Fair from year to year.

Although Surabaya frequent rain, in fact, did not make public interest decreased granted. The fans were already waiting for her idol artists performing in Surabaya still show loyalty. Like when the band Type-X appeared, the fans jostle come to witness the appearance of their idol.

Happy Anniversary East Java, always glorious and extraordinary!

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