Stay Healthy Celebrate Christmas and New Year

Entering December, the Christmas atmosphere and a new year has begun. Decorations celebrations’ve seen anywhere. It makes us impatient to greet with joy. However, to prepare for it, sometimes we are spend a lot of energy until forget to keep diet and rest. Plus the extreme weather events in December of this makes the immune system decreases and vulnerable to disease.

So, we must be smart to keep the immune system. How easy it is by keeping your diet, increase vegetables and fruits as well as a deep sleep quality. Dr. Andy Dotulong, an internist from Husada Hospital, Jakarta, said that in addition to keeping your diet and rest of the body should be enough fluid intake.

We often ignore the consumption of water, especially during the rainy season, the cold air makes the reason thirst rare, for it is often skipped consuming water is sufficient. But in fact, both the dry season and the rainy season in the body’s fluid needs remains the same.

Never thought consuming water only when thirsty. Try to think if all food taken into the body to be digested properly if the fluid in the body are met. In addition, adequate water supply is able to increase endurance. Fill your body fluid intake with Cheers Alkaline Powered.

Cheers Alkaline Powered processed using the latest technology Alpha Ion Alkalizer (AIA) to produce drinking water with a good pH balanced to neutralize the acidity level of the body so that the immune system intact. Drink Cheers Alkaline Powered 2-3 liters a day to keep the body fresh and healthy back at any time. With a fresh and healthy body cheerfulness Christmas and New Year would not be disturbed, Cheers Friends.

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