Stay Healthy and Fresh During Fasting with Cheers Alkaline Powered

Fasting does make our diet becomes changed. It certainly affects the body fittnes. So reasonable if you feel weak and not excited during fasting. However, these things can be overcome if you keep your intake at break fasting and dawn. Well, here are tips to stay healthy and fresh during fasting:

1. Consumption of protein and fiber at dawn
During meal, try to multiply the consumption of protein and fiber. Protein and fiber are very useful so that when our fasting still powered to do activity. Proteins can be obtained from eggs, cheese, and so on. While fiber can be obtained from vegetables and fruits.

2. Don’t Over Eat When Break Fasting
When fasting is all the food looks very tempting, but it is very important to eat the meal break slowly. When breaking, start with water and some dates that can provide good energy for the body and help release digestive enzymes in preparation for enjoying the food after hours of fasting. After terawih prayer, you can eat foods that contain lots of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. Avoid fat and foods that many oil. Make sure to eat slowly to give the body time to digest food.

3. Stay Hydrated
To stay fresh during fasting, fulfill fluid intake when break fasting and dawn. Cheers Alkaline Powered are processed with Alpha Ion Alkalizer technology to produce drinking water containing alkaline pH. Drinking water with an alkaline pH helps your body be hydrated maximally so that the body is healthier and fresher. Activity during fasting can go smoothly. Drink Cheers Alkaline Powered at least 8 glasses during breaking fasting and dawn.

4. Avoid Caffeinated Beverages
Caffeine is diuretic. This means that caffeine can stimulate the release of water from the body rapidly and make the body easier to dehydrate. When fasting, avoid some drinks containing caffeine such as tea, soft drinks or coffee.

5. Reduce Fatty and Sweet Foods
Foods that are processed with a mixture of carbohydrates such as wheat flour and sugar contain lots of fat and are usually low in nutrients. During fasting should avoid such foods to avoid excess calories. The consumption of a balanced diet can help meet all your nutritional needs during Ramadan.

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