*Keep Your Immune System Healthy, Fulfill Alkaline Intake

Panic situations sometimes make us not think clearly. Concerns about the Corona virus triggered panic buying in the community. In fact, instead of buying masks, antiseptics, wet tissues to basic necessities, the most important thing is to maintain our immune system.

Maintain endurance of course by maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle. Starting from food intake, drinks and quality of rest. Change your diet with more nutritious and balanced foods such as vegetables and fruits. Not to forget the habit of washing hands and cleaning the body regularly.

Fulfil body fluid intake by drinking water may sound trivial. However, this is important. Quality water is beneficial to increase or maintain our body’s immunity to remain stable. As we know more than 80% of the human body consists of fluid. When we do activities, especially exercising, our body fluids will be drained. Therefore we must restore body fluids by drinking water.

Cheers Alkaline Powered with pH up to 8.5 not only replace body fluids. The alkaline pH content helps balance the pH that is too acidic in the body due to unhealthy lifestyle or eating patterns. If the body’s pH is balanced the immune system is more awake while minimizing the outbreak of diseases caused by viruses or others.

Let’s start living healthy from now on with nutritious food intake, healthy fluid intake, exercise, and leave bad habits like smoking. Not to forget to stay clean by diligently washing hands and cleaning the body after traveling from outside.

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