Supports Healthy Living, CHEERS as Official Drinking Water Surabaya Marathon 2017

Being one brand of Drinking Water In Packaging that has been trusted as Official Drinking Water in sports events, making CHEERS more consistent support the movement of healthy life. After holding their own Trail Run event at May, CHEERS again participated in the Surabaya Marathon 2017. In this event CHEERS trusted as Official Drinking Water.

For almost three years, CHEERS is more focused to support running sport. Not without reason. Running is an easy and cheaper sport than the other sports. Participants were of all ages and circles. Plus, now the runners community began to flourish in almost all cities in Indonesia. Well, there CHEERS try to accompany the healthy lifestyle of society.

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From any product development, CHEERS walks with the same vision of supporting a healthy life movement. CHEERS not only produce ordinary mineral water. CHEERS ALKALINE POWERED become excellent product with good alkaline benefit for body health. Not only support the event with the product, CHEERS team incorporated in CHEERS RUNNERS often follow the run.

Like on the Surabaya Marathon 13 August 2017, CHEERS RUNNERS down together as runners. Together with them there are approximately 3000 other runners who ran across the Surabaya protocol segments. The runners run past the icons that have historical value in Surabaya such as monuments Bambu Runcing, Tugu Pahlawan, Majapahit Hotel, Grahadi Building, Balai Pemuda, Gelora Pancasila, and Balai Kota. It aims to make the runners more familiar with Surabaya closer.

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The event held by APPBI DPD East Java in cooperation with Surabaya city government divided into three categories namely 21 kilometers (Half Marathon), 10 kilometers, and 5 kilometers. Category 21 kilometers start at 05.00 pm, 15 minutes then start 10 kilometers and 15 minutes then start for 5 kilometers. One of the participants in the 21km category, Erditya Wirasta, said that the Surabaya Marathon is quite cool. The streets are quite sterile. ” Hopefully this Surabaya Marathon become the annual agenda of Surabaya city and hopefully can be added to the full marathon category, ” he said.



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