The Body’s pH is too Acidic, Dangerous!

*Cheers Alkaline Powered, Balance Your Body’s pH

Ideally our body has a balanced body’s pH in order to work properly. Ideal body pH is usually in the vulnerable 7.2 to 7.4. If the body’s pH is below that, it can be said to be an acidic body condition.

In fact, an unhealthy and instant lifestyle is more often done than a healthy lifestyle. The habit of eating fast food, drinking alcohol, smoking and even lack of rest, triggers the pH of the body more acidic.

The body’s condition with too high acidic pH, cause lactic acidosis. Lactic asisdosis is a condition when the body produces too much lactic acid so that the body cannot digest it quickly. This acid accumulation of lakat causes the body’s pH become too acidic. Well, if the body’s pH is too acidic it will interfere with the function of organs and metabolism.

In the early stages, the symptoms that arise are not too intense such as fatigue, headache, decreased appetite, to diarrhea. But when things get worse, more serious conditions arise. The organs and immune system are weakened even cancer cells are proven to be easier to attack the body when the body’s acid levels are high.

Consumption of foods with balanced nutrition such as vegetables and fresh fruit is very important to balance the body’s pH. You can choose yogurt, honey or almonds for healthier snacks. Regular exercise and get enough rest are also highly recommended to balance the body’s pH.

Not only food intake, fulfill body fluid intake is very important to balance pH and prevent lactic acidosis. Cheers Alkaline Powered with a pH up to 8.5 or equal to the pH of vegetables and fruits helps balance excess acid levels in the body. Cheers Alkaline Powered is processed with Alpha Ion Alkalizer technology to produce drinking water with an alkaline pH. Cheers Alkaline Powered does not function to make the body pH alkaline, but balancing excess acid pH in the body is ideal.

Drinking Cheers Alkaline Powered at least 8 glasses every day will really help your body’s pH always in ideal conditions. As a result, the body will be fresher, fitter, and the activity will run smoothly.

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