Tips of Healthy Homecoming Trip by Cheers

Towards the end of Ramadan, homecoming activities have started to feel. Of course, when meeting and gathering with the family to be a long-awaited moment. No matter how far the hometown is to go. Therefore the homecoming trip need careful preparation. Well, for that Cheers will give tips of healthy homecoming trip that can be your references, Cheers Friends.

  1. Enough Rest
    Before doing homecoming trip, try to get enough rest. Especially for travelers who will bring their own vehicle. A quality break will make the body fresher so ready to travel far.
  2. Check Vehicle
    For those who will go home with private vehicles, you should check the condition of the vehicle. If you need to get your vehicle out before you use it.
  3. Departing at Night (After Fast Breaking)
    Night trip is recommended in addition to faster, traffic also tend to be smooth. As a result you are not getting tired in the street because of traffic. Especially for those who practice fasting. Night trips provide an opportunity to break the fast first.
  4. Bring a Food Supply Enough
    A long journey must make us feel hungry. Try to bring your own food. Besides healthy also guaranteed cleanliness. Choose a durable meal.
  5. Always Fulfill Body Fluid Intake
    More than 70 percent of the human body consists of fluids. Although sitting in a vehicle, our bodies still remove the liquid so it needs fluid intake to replace it. Bring Cheers Alkaline Powered in your journey. Alkaline content helps your body more hydrated so that the body remains fresh and healthy.
  6. Provide medicines
    Don’t forget to bring medicines. If you suffer from certain diseases, take medicines that are routinely consumed and other necessary equipment. Simple medicines such as headache medicine, colds, or drugs that can prevent getting drunk travel should not be forgotten when going home. Also bring heartburn medicines and warm aromatherapy oils in preparation.
  7. Use comfortable clothes
    Choose clothes that are comfortable so as not to interfere with your comfort in travel. Choose a clothes that is loose and closed.
  8. Take a resting place
    Usually during homecoming, many rest stations are provided. Take advantage of the place the wifehat to do a light movement to relax the muscles and make the body relax. Mild movement by moving the hands, neck, and legs at least can make the body feel better.


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