Tips To Lips Not Easy Dry During Fasting

Fasting more than 12 hours makes our metabolism change. Yes, during fasting the body does not get food and drink intake. No wonder the skin will quickly dry, especially in lips area. Some event chapped lips until injured. Well, to overcome chapped lips in this fasting time you can do easy tips from Cheers following:

1.Use Lip Scrubs
At least once a week you have to exfoliate dead skin on the lips with a special scrub for the lips. Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush. Wet your lips with warm water and rub the lips with a soft toothbrush. Do it slowly so as not to injure the lips. Better yet, use exfoliating products for the lips, usually shaped like a lip balm. Dead skin and dry skin will more easily peel, so it will form a healthy new skin on the lips.

2. Wearing Lip Balm
To avoid dry lips, you can use lip balm. Choose a moisturizing lip balm, containing natural oils and SPF. This SPF content can reduce the occurrence of dry lips.

3. Reduce Spicy and Salty Foods
At dawn and break the fast, you should reduce the food spicy and salty. Food that is too spicy and salty will make quickly thirst, mouth and lips dry quickly.

4. Avoid Wetting Your Lips with Saliva
Wet your lips with saliva makes your lips dry quickly. Initially it looks fresh and wet, but after a few minutes your lips are drier than before.

5. Consume Honey
Honey is a natural way to overcome dry and cracked lips. In addition to eating them, you can also put honey on the lips. So, apply honey before bed, and remove again when the meal is over.

6. Drinking Water
Fluid intake should always be fulfilled, especially during fasting. Fulfill your body fluid intake with Cheers Alkaline Powered when fast breaking and dawn. Cheers Alkaline Powered contains alkaline that helps keep your skin moist.

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